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What the Mind Believes the Body Achieves

By April 15, 2016 June 1st, 2017 Right Minds

Energy Krazed believes Positive Thinking is the key to a successful health journey, and learning how to be mindful can help. Mindfulness is the practice of living mindfully, or consciously, with complete non-judgmental acceptance of what is happening in the present moment. A mindful person is able to observe his or her thoughts and feelings from a distance without necessarily labeling them as good or bad. Large organizations such as Google, Aetna, Mayo Clinic, and the United States Marine Corps use mindfulness training. Studies done on mindfulness have shown the following results:

  • Mindfulness has a positive impact on human bodily functioning and the immune system.
  • Research in such disciplines as psychology, neuroscience, and medicine show that mindfulness improves attention, cognition, emotions, behavior, and physiology;
  • Specifically, mindfulness has been shown to improve three qualities of attention: stability, control, and efficiency. After receiving training in mindfulness, people were shown to remain vigilant longer on both visual and listening tasks;
  • Evidence suggests that mindfulness positively affects interpersonal behavior and workgroup relationships and improves empathy and compassion.

And not only are these large companies using the practice, but even the British Parliament has recently launched a mindfulness initiative called “Mindful Nation UK” that uses mindfulness to help improve national health and productivity.

With all of these documented positive results, why not give it a try yourself and see how you can make it work for you! We have a 6 day teen intro to meditation that you can take to put you on a track of mindfulness. If you are interested in signing up and getting access to the meditation that was created by a member of our Board of Directors, Yeah Dave – Dave Romanelli, author and wellness enthusiast, simply click here and type – send me the free positive thinking exercises!!