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Right Meals: Intention

By November 27, 2018 Right Meals, Uncategorized

If having an intent is having a goal, then how can you eat with intent? How can you prepare meals with a goal in mind? Before reading this, think about how you approach finding food to eat and what your “goal” is in doing so.

Let’s look at the difference between two very real scenarios: going to a restaurant and ordering something that perfectly fits your nutrition needs, or going to a restaurant and choosing the first thing your eyes land on.

In the first scenario, you probably read through every single description, weighed other options, and finally landed on a decision based on all the ingredients. In the second scenario, you scanned the menu, didn’t do much investigation on every item, and just went with what sounded good based on its name.

So which scenario has more intention? In the first one, it is clear that you wanted to make the best choice based on several factors such as portion, ingredients, and what your body felt like eating in that moment. Imagine approaching meals at home in the same manner.

Eating always has a goal in mind. To fuel the body, reduce hunger, or sometimes to feel comforted. Before choosing what to eat, ask yourself what your intent with this snack or meal is. Your body always knows what it needs, just let your mind listen.


  1. What were the goals you thought of at the beginning in terms of how you approach deciding what to eat either at home or out?
  2. When is it the hardest to make healthy meal choices?
  3. When do you find yourself having the most cravings? When you’re happy or stressed? Based on your answer, why do you think that is?
  4. If food is a comfort, what else could offer that same feeling?
  5. How do you think eating meals with intention might make meals different?