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Right Meals: Habit Questions

Rather than writing a blog about healthy eating, I wanted to make this more “interactive.” I think one of the best ways I can offer something insightful is by giving you the opportunity to come up with your own answers to determine what healthy eating means for you.

The list of questions below is meant to spark some deeper thinking about your dietary habits.

  1. What is your favorite time of day to eat, and why? (First thing in the morning, midday, late at night, etc.)
  2. How many meals a day do you typically eat?
    1. Dive deeper into your answer for the above question. (i.e: skipping breakfast because of work / morning nausea, skipping lunch because of a busy schedule, etc.)
  3. Which meal are you most able to fully enjoy, and why?
  4. How often do you eat at home? How often do you eat out?
    1. Describe your answer to the above question further. Has it always been this way? Which do you prefer?
  5. Which is more anxiety-provoking: cooking dinner at home, or going out to eat? Why?
    1. What could ease the anxiety?
  6. When you enter the grocery store, do you feel empowered, prepared, and focused; or do you feel overwhelmed, unorganized, and flustered?
    1. Why?
    2. As a result, what happens? Do you leave feeling accomplished or defeated?
  7. When preparing meals for yourself / others, how do you choose what to make?
    1. If this is your preferred method, why? If it isn’t, what could you do instead? (example: I make my meals based off of what I have at the moment / I make my meals based off of what everyone else wants / I make my meals based off of a weekly meal plan I follow)
  8. How satisfied are you with your current nutrition?
  9. How satisfied is your body with your current nutrition?
    1. How is your energy, digestion, etc.  
  10. How likely are you to want to continue your current dietary habits, if given the option to change?
    1. Why?
  11. List everything you do well in terms of eating healthy and staying hydrated:
  12. List everything you could improve, if applicable:


Notice that these questions are centered around habits, not calories. It is so important to look at what we do, and dig deeper into why we do what we do, before making any changes.


“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all is wisdom.” -Aristotle


-Aly Fuller, BA in Psychology

Energy Krazed Coach