Energy Krazed Video Contest


We are a non-profit organization fighting against childhood obesity. We believe in and are dedicated to fostering a happier and healthier Indiana by empowering teens and their families to take charge of their health. This video contest is a way to get teens and their peers active and really explore the meaning of what it takes to live and lead a healthy lifestyle. See the official rules below!

Official Rules

  1. No Entry Fee.
  2. Must be no older than 18 years old.
  3. Each video entry must focus on what “Right Meals, Right Minds, and Right Moves” means to you.
  4. No more than 3 submissions per individual or group.
  5. Any file format is accepted but you must film in landscape/widescreen mode.
  6. Submissions length: 00:45-2:00 minutes.
  7. Submission Deadline: 11/19/17
  8. No use of profanity, derogatory terms, racial slurs, etc.
  9. Prizes will be awarded as follows:
    1. $500 the the funniest video
    2. $500 to the most creative video
    3. $500 to the most inspiring video
  10. In order to be eligible to win each person in your video must follow us and tag 5 friends each on our social media platforms
    1. Instagram: Energy Krazed & The_EK_Way
    2. Facebook: Energy Krazed
    3. Twitter: @EnergyKrazed
    4. Utilize the hashtags #R3EnergyKrazedVid, #getenergykrazed #theEKway #energykrazed
    5. Snapchat: Add me on Snapchat! Username: energykrazed
  11. This Project is eligible for service hours. Send us a note via email with your group name and video if you need a service hours letter.
  12. By submitting, your video or videos become the property of Energy Krazed and can be distributed any way we see fit. We have the right to refuse any video that does not meet our criteria.
  13. Email questions to

Example Video


  1. Watch the video above for an example. You can create and edit your video however you like.
  2. There are great phone apps such as iMovie that are great for making videos.
  3. Check out our the rest of our website to learn about our organization. Right Moves, Right Meals, Right Minds are three pillars we utilize in our 9 week-in home program.
  4. Show diversity, be creative, strive for uniqueness, show humor, and HAVE FUN!

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