An intergenerational movement energizing Hoosier healthcare.


Energy Krazed is committed to fostering a happier and healthier Indiana by empowering youth and families to take charge of their health.


Energy Krazed is a non-profit 501c3 organization developing fun, relevant, educational, and interactive programs that empower families to take charge of their minds, bodies, and ultimately their futures. The Energy Krazed approach is flexible, person-centered, evidence-based, and collaborative. Our programs increase the quality of life of young Hoosiers by teaching the importance of nutrition, physical and mental health, and mindfulness through a collaboration of students, parents, healthcare professionals, educators, and the community.

Our Values:
  • We take pride and passion in our state, in ourselves, and in our accomplishments
  • We have energy and enthusiasm for our work and our purpose
  • We encourage open communication across generations, organizations, communities
  • We commit to planning and evaluating program success 

What People are Saying about Energy Krazed

Check out the videos below to hear what Energy Krazed kids, parents, and coaches have to say about our amazing programs!


Indiana communities are facing a severe epidemic—diabetes and weight gain are rising at unprecedented rates among adolescents. The epidemic is leading to number of other health issues, it is affecting school performance, and it can lower self-esteem and mental well-being. Together we must empower Hoosiers to take charge of their health in order to reverse the trend. Energy Krazed aims to provide tools and education to enable that change. The following video highlights some of the alarming statistics. Take a look, and help us make Indiana happier and healthier!


Help us empower Hoosier families to take charge of their health! Proceeds from your donation will be used to assist in funding physician and educator support, program incentives, facility costs, student assessment costs, and health monitoring equipment.

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