Energy Krazed is thrilled to introduce the pilot of our individualized 6-month program that includes 9 weeks of in-home family transformations. The program is comprised of fun, unique, and memorable sessions that integrate physical and mental activities with provider-directed health and nutrition education. Key features include:

  • 9-week extensive in-home training
  • Emphasis on mindfullness and positive thinking
  • Realistic, individualized goal setting
  • Individualized fitness practices
  • Physician and specialist involvement
  • Parent, educator, and community involvement

Overall, the program serves to increase resilience, decrease stress, and ultimately enhance health, happiness, self-worth, and academic performance. With the conclusion of the program, individuals obtain the knowledge and skills necessary to take charge not only of their own health but also the health of their peers, educators, families, and communities.



During the pilot period, Energy Krazed is researching the program approach and will publicize the results. The following measures are utilized:

Overall Program Assessment
• Parent, educator, and student surveys
• Knowledge assessments
• Overall goal achievement

Clinical Health Measures
• Cohen stress test

• Peds QL
• Body fat percentage
• Heart rate (resting/target/maximum)
• Body mass index (BMI)
• Weight

Quality of Life Measures
• Energy/fatigue assessments
• Activity level assessments
• Mental health assessments